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  Barry Rose - Artist Community

          Participatory Community Artworks
    The artist has involved many different communities in the design and production of
a number of participatory murals. These artworks most often use very durable materials, including stone, bronze and ceramic, and are permanently displayed in a wide variety of institutions and public locations. Some projects have garnered corporate sponsorship as a part of a company's community outreach program, or advertising budget. In one such arrangement, the sponsor, West Pines Hospital, was honored with The Colorado Business Committee For The Arts Award in both 1998 and 1990.  In other cases a city administration will underwrite the project, and in still other cases the respective group itself funds the mural project.
     The content of the artworks is specific to the location in which it is to be displayed, with the theme being developed by the respective group in a workshop format. rose has facilitated projects for such diverse community groups as public and private schools, senior citizen centers, prison populations, psychiatric patients, chronic hospitalized patients and general communities. While there are over 100 of these participatory murals, each artwork ezpresses something unique to the group that produced it. 
      The first of these projects was produced in 1976, after an exhibit at the Denver Art Museum, proposing the Community Mural Project, resulted in an "Outstanding Merit Award" accompanied by a grant. 
            (Please click on the Ross Barnum Library # 2 link below for more on the philosophy
                            behind the Community  Mural Projects.)  


Steele Park
city park 

City Park Pavilion

Wyatt Elementary

Admin. Bldg., Wheatridge, CO

Ft. Logan Mental Health 

Confluence Park
  nat jewish

National Jewish Hospital
barnum 1 

Ross Barnum Library #1 
barnum 2

Ross Barnum Library #2 

Wheatridge Recreation Center

Mitchell Elementary 

Denver Zoo

Children's Hospital
 west pines

West Pines Hospital 

Hope Center

Sitka Center, Oregon

Pena Mural