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  Barry Rose - Artist Ft. Logan Mental Health

      The tile shown at right is one of my favorites from the, "A Celebration of Cultural Diversity, and Unity" project, in 1989. It was created by a patient at the Ft. Logan Mental Health Center. Although this individual did not (or would not) speak, how cogently he expressed himself artistically when given the opportunity. A closer inspection of his bronze tile reveals a tour of the univeral  comings and goings of the human heart over a period of time. There have occurred various injuries to his heart (the cracks, missing pieces and upside down parts), and  some  wholeness and  healing, (the sutures, full hearts and the persistence).
     Wow, what a lesson about art and communication. Here was this guy who couldn't speak, expessing so incisively and succinctly so much about himself--and about all of us.