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  Barry Rose - Artist Wyatt Elementary
     When Rose began a mural project with the 3rd graders at Wyatt Elementary, as usual he started by teaching the kids the necessary skills  with tile take home assignments.  In this manner, the students also gain confidence that their artwork will be "worthy" of public display. The next aspect is to derive the mural theme through a design process resulting in a consensus (and buy in) of the paricipants.
      What a surprise it was when the group decided on "Pre Columbian Mandalas" as the theme (and title) of their piece. After a research trip to the library, each student carved a stamp mold, and practiced decorating a wet clay tile with it. The final tiles were then fired, antiqued with glaze and fired again. The results, installed in 1978 and shown at right, really do look like they were dug up from an archeological site.