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  Barry Rose - Artist City Park Pavilion

     This bronze tile mural (some of which is shown before its  pemanent installation in the Pavilion at City Park) was created as a part of the West Pines Hospital  Artist In Residence Program,  in 1989. Working with people from 8 different institutions, ranging from students at Auraria  Campus, to Psychiatric patients at Ft. Logan, to seniors with alzheimer's at the Jeffco Seniors Center,  the artist guided each  group through an 8-10 week workshop.
   After  learning the skills, and gaining the confidence, necessary for the task at hand, each student created a clay tile with an image of personal meaning sculpted on it. The results included 8 individual bronze murals installed at the respective organization that produce it. Then duplicates of each tile were produced (using the plaster,  wax and bronze  casting process)  and those became the large, 300 tile mural, donated by West Pines (and all others involved) to the City of Denver. The entire project, which took a year to complete, was called, "A Celebration of Cultural Diversity, and Unity". 
     This is one of many programs instituted by the artist while he worked at West Pines over a seven year period, creating  various art therapy opportunities for the patients, and sometimes (as in this case) for the public.  Rose handled the art part, trying to upgrade the quatlity of the artistic experience. He always worked in conjunction with a licensed therapist, who would handle the theraputic aspects that would inevitably emerge.