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  Barry Rose - Artist Artist's Statement

     Barry Rose has pursued a career of designing, producing and often installing public and private commissioned artwork. He enjoys both supplying original designs and working with designers, architects and/or owners to produce architecturally integrated art that is highly site specific. In either case, his focus is on creating work with accessible content that conveys something unique and meaningful about the specific organization, group and/or site where the it is to be displayed.

     While public works have occupied the majority of Rose's career, he has also pursued the creation of his own artwork, as his schedule allows. In this realm, his subject matter, material usage and technique has ranged widely as he follows the artistic muse of the moment. Over time, this approach has led to the production of many individual artworks and the occasional series, ranging from figurative to highly abstract works which have been shown in a variety of gallery shows.

     Some common denominators of his subject matter may include: the interface of nature and technology, visualized psychological concepts, commonalities of human experience, i.e. the idea of beauty and pain as our constant companions and, often, the exploration of clich├ęs. Cliches are so because they express some truth. Through overuse, however, they have lost their impact. If these truths can be reframed, to again be cogently expressed, it can make for some powerful art.