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  Barry Rose - Artist Heavenly Bodies
       The first one person show by the artist, "Heavenly Bodies", was mounted in 1979 at the Robischon Gallery. It was inspired by the first photos returned from a long term deep space mission to Saturn, its moons and other planets. After considerable research, Rose created  a series of giant and small bottles designed to represent all of the planets, known moons, some asteroids and comets in our solar system.
     The pieces were made in a proportional scale and displayed in the order of each planet (from the sun) followed by its respective moons. The central parts of the bottles were airbrush glazed to represent the surface of each planet, with the tops and bottoms glazed black with a star field of white crystals, to convey space. The moons were glazed to reflect their respective characteristics, such as Io, a moon of Saturn, finished in bright yellow with red crystals representing its voluminous volcanic activity. 
       One of many interesting facts learned by the artist during his research for the project is that the day on Mercury is half as long as its year. That is to say, the full rotation of the planet on its axis (a day) is so slow, it takes two full orbits around the sun  (two years) to complete.
      Shown at right: Rose poses at the show with Jupiter (note the red spot) and its moons, in front of a tile mural of a solar flare emanating from the sun.