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  Barry Rose - Artist Fundraising

              Artworks That Aid In Fundraising
     Barry Rose has engaged with his community to design, produce and install artworks that act as a major fundraising vehicle for philanthropic organizations. The artworks are creatively designed by the artist to reflect the goals and spirit of each specific organization. Two of these artworks, for the Hospice of St. John and for Colorado's Ocean Journey (now the Denver Aquarium), have helped to focus donor generosity to nearly one million dollars in support, for each group. In many other cases the fundraising has been substantial, but in every case the organization also gets a permanent work of art that visually expresses their mission to staff, clients and visitors alike.

  girls inc

Girls, Inc.
st john 

Hospice of St. John
aquarium den

Denver Aquarium

Denver Montesori

Mountain Resource Center

Garden at St. Elizabeth

Joshua School

Anchor Center for Blind Children