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  Barry Rose - Artist New Works

     Shown below are a few recent works, and some samples of the new work being completed by the artist for his one person show at the Niza Knoll Gallery, 915 Santa Fe. The opening is scheduled for early in November of 2011. More samples and a formal invitation will be posted in the future.
     This new series represents a departure by the artist from his previous body of work. It may be described as abstract and dreamlike images, painted on large and thick handmade ceramic tiles with glazes, and kiln fired to 2,150 degrees. The artist is attempting to utilize the translucent vs. opaque and gloss vs. matte qualities of fired glazes to imbue the flat terra cotta tiles with both depth of visual effect and of content. Most of the pieces are fired several times, with succeeding layers of glazes, to help achieve this result.

Rich Inner Life

Random Thoughts #127 

Precipitating to Consciousness
  random 148

Random Thoughts #148

Transcendent Function 

Door #3


Cro-Magnon Man

Phone's Ringing