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  Barry Rose - Artist Resume

Artist Barry Rose

1450 Logan St.
Denver, Colorado 80203

The Joshua School for Autism, You Are a Piece of My Puzzle, bronze and ceramic, 8’ x 10’, 2010.

Anchor Center for Blind Children, Homage to Mattise, bronze and ceramic, 10’ x 15’, 2009.

The Fontius Bldg., (now Sage), 16th and Welton, an award winning recreation of the entire 1st floor exterior fašade, medallions and many other details of this historic building, 14 Tons of terra cotta, 2008.

The Tattered Cover/ Lowenstein Development, Helen, Harvey and Henry, a large stainless steel exterior fountain incorporating 3’ x 5’ bronze masks depicting Helen Bonfils and Henry Lowenstein, 2007.

The Gardens at St. Elizabeth, Pillars of The Community, a 10’ x 25’ mural, brass, clay and marble, 2006.

The Gardens on Spring Creek, Ft. Collins, Passing the Baton, a 12’ x 15’ high bronze and stone, sculpture that serves as an entry archway and introductory piece for the City’s new botanic Gardens, 2005.

Mountain Resource Center, Stand, an 8’ x 10, patinaed bronze and brass stand of aspen trees, 2004.

Gart Sports Castle, historic restoration of several terra cotta details on the exterior, 2004.

Girls, Inc., Soaring to New Heights, multi colored ceramic kites flying free,11’ x 26’, 2003.

Wheatridge Recreation Center, Images in Stone, a lobby encompassing frieze on blasted stones, 2002.

Marriot Hotel, Origins of the Alphabet, a recreation of the 20’ x 20’historic bas relief depicting the derivation of English letters and glorifying the printing process, 2001.

Wheatridge Municipal Building, sandblasted stones mounted on the front of the building fašade, 2001.

Colorado’s Ocean Journey, (now Denver Aquarium), Catch A Wave, a 1,400 square foot mural of brass, aluminum and copper drops forming a welcoming entrance seascape to the aquarium, 2000.

University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, A place In Time, a sculpture in concrete, stone and bronze forming a 45’ diameter informal sundial encircled by stone hinge benches with bronze details, 1999.

American Mountaineering Center, Golden, restoration of the front entrance, terra cotta, 1999.

Littleton Municipal Building, The Touch, a bronze, stainless steel and ceramic relief, 9’ x17’, 1998.

Qwest Tower, The “n” Factor, a highly textured 9’ x 11’ ceramic mural, with lusters, for the lobby, 1997.

East High School Esplanade, The Sullivan Gate, The Dolphin Fountain, repair of existing parts and the creation of many replicas of destroyed aspects including large spitting fish, frogs and other details, 1997.

Skokie Health Center, Skokie, Ill.., To Last, two 6’ x 6’ highly glazed ceramic murals, 1996.

Denver Public Library, ( in front of the Main Branch), At The Library, commonly known as the “Book Wall”, this 100 square foot colorfully glazed bas relief depicts a simple but compelling aesthetic. 1996.

Coors Field, A Piece of the Rock, 55 deeply sculpted and glazed columbines surround the fašade, 1995.

Amoco Building, Stratavariations, stone with textured and glazed ceramic with lusters 650 sq. ft., 1994.

City Park Pavilion, Personal Icons, a large mural of 300 each unique 6” x 6” bronze tiles, 1993.

Willamette Heights, Oregon, Hands On, a 3’ x 33’ “hand” glazed ceramic neighborhood mural, 1992.

Hospice at St John, Lakewood, Full Circle, a 10’ x 20’ stand of bronze trees and copper leaves, 1991.

West Pines Hospital at Lutheran, Arvada, Blossoming Earth, a 210 sq. ft. ceramic mosaic, 1990.

The Johnathon Flower House, historic restoration of the fašade of this significant house, 1989.

Chicago Restaurant, Chicago, Ill., Ali Baba’s Mural, 1,000 sq. ft. ceramic lustered mural, 1986.

The Museum of Nature and Science, 600 lin. Ft. of terra cotta details for the new atrium spaces, 1986.

The Grant Humphries Mansion, recreation of a variety of architectural terra cotta details, 1985.

The Oxford Hotel, restoration of the fašade of this venerable hotel, terra cotta granite, sandstone, 1984.

Denver Metro Convention and Visitor’s Center, recreation of 50 large plaster capitals, 1983
Children’s Museum of Denver, The End of the Yellow Brick Road, entry fašade and details, 1984.

Alaska Mutual Bank, Anchorage Alaska, Three Ravens, 9’ x 12’, marble and bronze floor mural. 1982.

Denver Zoo, At The Zoo, two clay entrance murals with children’s interpretations of zoo animals, 1978.

Executive Tower Inn, Solar Energy, a 10’ dia. circular mural of highly glazed bas relief ceramic, 1973.


The Ann Love Award, for a body of work restoring many of Denver’s historic buildings,
presented by Historic Denver, Inc. in 2005.

The Mayor’s Commission on Art, Culture and Film, appointed as a commissioner by Mayor Webb and served 9 years into Mayor Hickenlooper’s Administration, 1995-2004.

Retrospective in Progress, an exhibit of many photos and a variety of samples of works at an exhibition at the invitation of Oz Architects, 2002.

Colorado Business Committee in the Arts, for Blossoming Earth, in 1998; and again in 1990 for the Artist In Residence Program, in conjunction with West Pines Hospital, at Lutheran, 1998 and 1990.

Mayor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts, for a body of public art commissions, presented in 1998.

Selected as a Featured Artist in A Denver Art Museum Show, Craftsmanship, A Vanishing Tradition?,
organized and sponsored by The American Institute of Architects, 1998.

Outstanding Merit Award, Environment ’76, resulting in an exhibit at the Denver Art Museum,
for The Community Mural Project, culminating in many community based permanent murals, 1996.