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  Barry Rose - Artist Quotes


     “Put Barry Rose together with terra cotta and you’ll find projects all over town, ranging from community murals to high-profile restorations. And though the Denver native works in other materials, from his own studio work in ceramics to public art in bronze, he carries on the city’s proud tradition of terra cotta architectural detailing.”
    -- Mary Voelz Chandler--RMN, Sept. 27, 2008
     “It’s hard to go any place in Denver without seeing Barry Rose. He’s at the Denver Aquarium and in the plaza west of Coors Field, He’s in the dolphin fountain adjacent to East High School and near the entrance of the Denver Public Library on Broadway. And there are many more of his artworks around the region.”
      --Ashante Jefferson--RMN, May 8, 2003

     “Once he finished the basic design for Coors Field, architect Brad Schrock turned his attention to the fun side of his job—choosing the artistic doodads that will grace Denver’s ballpark in a distinctively Colorado way.
His search led to the Capital Hill studio of artist Barry Rose, Schrock remembers that bit of serendipity as ‘incredible’”.
    --Paul Hutchinson—Denver Post, April 30. 1994

     “Despite the fact that size does seem to matter in this show, delicacy is hardly lost in signature works by some artists such as Barry Rose.”
        --Mary Voelz Chandler—RMN, November 8, 2002

     “Barry’s talents as an artist are complimented by his ‘old-fashioned’ commitment to quality of work and fairness in his business relationships. I could not give him a higher recommendation.”
       Letter of recommendation by: --Tom Gleason, Deputy Director, Denver              Metropolitan Major League Baseball Stadium District

     “I would highly recommend him as an artist. Mr. Rose kept to the schedule, met the budget and did a great job all around. In addition to being very professional, he was extremely personable to work with.”
       Letter of Recommendation by:--Sue Anschutz-Rodgers, Qwest Towers.